ABIA 2020 Bookshop of the Year

On Wednesday, 13th May 2020, the winners of the Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIA) were announced on the ABIA YouTube channel.

The ABIA celebrates the achievements of authors and publishers in bringing Australian books to readers. The Awards are a way to say hooray to the successes in making books and being in the book business.

Winners are determined through a process of selection, first by the ABIA Academy of more than 200 industry professionals, and then a shortlist and winners are chosen by our Judging Panels.

Books Kinokuniya was shortlisted in the Bookshop of the Year category, along with Fullers Bookshop (Hobart), Mary Martin Bookshop (Port Melbourne), Readings Carlton (Melbourne) and Riverbend Books (Brisbane).

We are very pleased and honoured to be awarded Bookshop of the Year 2020! Thank you to the ABIA Judges. Our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated and wonderful staff and loyal customers for supporting us, especially through recent difficult times.

You can rewatch the virtual award ceremony here (hint: our category starts from timestamp 54:16).




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  1. Kaaren says:

    I have a gift voucher which I misplaced but havre now found. Can I use it? It expired in 2015 but I understand new laws mean it is still valid. Can you kindly confirm