We know it’s real. Grab these 2017 titles before it sets in. 

20% OFF* selected marked titles until 31st January.

FOMO /ˈfəʊməʊ/ [mass noun] abbreviation of ‘fear of missing out’.

What is Book FOMO?

Book FOMO is when the pile of to-be-read books around your bed or work desk is so large that it’s a critical OHS hazard and getting to your bed or desk is an extreme sport. Book FOMO is when your handbag or backpack is at least 80% books and 20% other not-so-important life stuff like your wallet and ID. Book FOMO is when you cancel on a friend saying you’re not feeling well when really, you just have to finish the last few chapters of the book you’re reading. Book FOMO is when you have to collect all the volumes in that series in every single different edition. Book FOMO is when you would rather be reading than doing… pretty much anything.

Want to to know how bad YOUR Book FOMO is? Take our quiz to find out!

We know Book FOMO. And while it’s a necessary part of that bibliophile life, we also want to help make it as manageable as we can. Well, at the very least we can give you a selection of great titles from 2017 at 20% OFF* so there’s more books and less Book FOMO!


See in store for full selection.

*Not in conjunction with any other offer. Discount applies to selected marked titles only until 31 January 2018. 

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