A Banquet of Consequences: Author Talk with Satyajit Das

A Banquet of Consequences: Author Talk with Satyajit Das

Hear internationally bestselling author Satyajit Das discuss the issues he raises in his book A Banquet of Consequences.

In A Banquet of Consequences, Das asserts that recent economic growth and prosperity were based on excessive debt, irreversible environmental damage and overuse of non-renewable resources, like oil and water. Problems and costs are pushed into the future to feed current consumption and lifestyles. But the transfer of wealth from the future cannot go on forever. Eventually, there is nothing more left to appropriate. The process robs the generations to come – our children. Sooner or later, we all have to sit down to a banquet of consequences.

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SATYAJIT DAS is an internationally respected expert in finance, with over 35 years’ experience. Das presciently anticipated many aspects of the global financial crisis in 2006. He subsequently proved accurate in his warnings about the ineffectiveness of policy responses and the risk of prolonged stagnation. In 2014 Bloomberg nominated him as one of the fifty most influential financial thinkers in the world. Das is the author of two international bestsellers, Traders, Guns & Money (2006) and Extreme Money (2011). His latest book is A Banquet of Consequences: Have We Consumed Our Own Future? (2015) (published in North America as Age of Stagnation). He was featured in Charles Ferguson’s 2010 Oscar-winning documentary Inside Job, the 2012 PBS Frontline series Money, Power & Wall Street, the 2009 BBC TV documentary Tricks with Risk, and the 2015 German film Who’s Saving Whom.


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