Find Your Book Valentine

Find Your Book Valentine

Book Slam Dating for Bibliophiles.

Vote for the books that make your heart beat fast. The book with the most Valentines WINS!

Forget the roses, the chocolates, the awkward blind dinner date at that overpriced restaurant… come and spend Valentine’s here at Kino with the best kind of date – BOOKS!

This is all about sharing the books that you love with other like-minded bibliophiles. Come along with one or two of your favourite books, take the stage and wax lyrical for a couple of minutes. The aim of the game is to make as many people as you can fall in love with your book!

Everyone will get a set number of Book Valentines to give out to the books they like best. The book with the most Valentines wins the title of Number One Book Crush PLUS Kino gift vouchers!

So be creative folks. Perhaps a sonnet, a love song or a rap will get your book the love it deserves!

Not ready to get up in front of a crowd with a love poem about your favourite book? That’s okay, come along as a member of audience to listen and vote.

RSVP in store, by phone: 02 9262 7996 or by email and let us know if you would like to participate or if you would prefer just to spectate and vote as a member of audience.

RSVP now → When: Wednesday, 14 February 2018
Where: Books Kinokuniya, Sydney