Inside the Tiger author talk

Inside the Tiger author talk

Join us as Hayley Lawrence talks about her powerful debut novel, Inside the Tiger.

Inside the Tiger deals with politics and ethics and tackles largely untouched issues in YA fiction, like death penalty ethics and the inhumane conditions of people sentenced to die. Inside the Tiger has already generated attention, being shortlisted for The Australian’s Vogel Prize in 2017 and won two fellowships at Varuna, the Writers’ House.

When seventeen-year-old private school girl, Bel, writes to a death row prisoner in Thailand for an assignment, she never expects him to write back. But when nineteen-year-old Micah responds, Bel finds herself drawn into a world that not only pits her against her father, the Justice Minister, but against every ideal she previously refused to stand for.

Inside the Tiger is a gritty romance that explores love, grief, justice and idealism. If young people are to be empowered to bring about political change in the future, then this is the novel that will encourage them. It asks questions about human rights, punitive justice, and the very real people at the heart of it all.

Hayley Lawrence corresponded with a death row prisoner in Thailand for five years and even went to visit him. She drew on that experience when she wrote Inside the Tiger.

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Hayley Lawrence worked as a lawyer in a commercial firm in Sydney before trading city life for the coast when she married a pilot. Hayley and her husband had many adventures while she worked for a small law firm on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. They now have five vivacious daughters who continue to bring immense joy and utter mayhem to their life.

Despite leaving legal work, Hayley could not leave behind the stories of the people she’d encountered. They are stories that provoke questions about the nature of humanity, and it’s these questions that haunt her novels.



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