Lights Out, Leonard Book Launch with Josh Pyke

Lights Out, Leonard Book Launch with Josh Pyke

Join us and award-winning singer-songwriter Josh Pyke for the launch of his debut kids’ picture book, Lights Out, Leonard!

Leonard doesn’t like bedtime, especially when there’s a five-nosed, seven-tailed, eleven-handed, scaly-waily monster hiding in the corner of his bedroom. It seems like Leonard will never sleep again … until he discovers a mysterious book called How to Frighten Monsters.

“Lights out, Leonard is a phrase I’d been saying before bed for almost nine years of child-induced-sleepless-nights. I’m not sure why I started saying it, I think maybe it just sounded good! Over time, that phrase slowly morphed into a character, and then a story in my mind, that I finally put down on paper.” – Josh Pyke

A cheeky story about night-time fears for children aged 3 – 6, Lights Out, Leonard is written by singer, songwriter, and lifetime Indigenous Literacy Foundation ambassador, Josh Pyke, and illustrated by designer and illustrator, Chris Nixon.

2pm arrivals for 2.30pm start.

RSVP in store, by phone: 02 9262 7996, email or via Eventbrite.


JOsh PykeJosh Pyke is an Australian singer and songwriter known for his six award-winning indie/folk albums, including a best-of album released in 2017. He is committed to representing the Indigenous Literacy Foundation as one of only six lifetime ambassadors for the charity and launched the initiative Busking for Change in 2009 to raise support for the ILF. Josh co-wrote the ILF song Words Make the World Go Round with Justine Clarke, as well as co-writing, producing and mixing five songs for Justine’s new ABC2 TV show, Ta Da! Lights Out, Leonard is his first picture book and he can be found on instagram and twitter at @JoshPyke.




RSVP now → When: Saturday, 8 June 2019
Where: Books Kinokuniya Sydney