Meet Cosentino

Meet Cosentino

Meet Cosentino at his only Sydney CBD book signing!

Cosentino is Australia’s premier illusionist – a magician to his fingertips, a man who constantly challenges our notions of what is possible.

Cosentino emerged seemingly out of nowhere as a fully fledged star and Australia’s premier illusionist and escapologist. The LA Times has said of him that ‘Cosentino mirrors the legendary Harry Houdini’ – and like Houdini, his blockbuster stunts are truly mind-blowing: getting out of a locked Perspex sphere plunged 10 metres underwater; or escaping from shackles just in time to avoid his head being sliced open by 18 chef’s knives. But Cosentino’s greatest trick of all? Well, that’s something completely different. It was learning how to read.

He was a twelve year old boy with learning difficulties, teased and isolated, who struggled with schoolwork and could barely read. But one day, in a library, he found an illustrated book about magic – and that unlocked something in him. That magic book not only taught him how to read, it propelled him on an extraordinary journey – from a shy boy with low self-esteem to the international star that he is today – and that journey is the core of his inspirational memoir, Anything is Possible. This is a story for anyone who ever dreamed of achieving the impossible.

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Cosentino headshot Cosentino has been called ‘a supercharged showman’ by the Herald Sun, a ‘daredevil performer’ by National Nine News and is said to ‘mirror the legendary Harry Houdini’ by the LA Times. He fuses traditional sleight-of-hand magic, grand illusions and physical demonstrations into novel and original presentations.  His many accolades include: runner-up on Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, winner of Dancing With The Stars in 2013, a three-times Australian Award Winning magician, a nominee for the prestigious Helpmann Awards, a Multi Award Winner of the Merlin from the International Magicians’ Society and winner of 2015 Levante Award.

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Where: Books Kinokuniya, Sydney