Meet Oliver Phommavanh

Meet Oliver Phommavanh

Come join Oliver Phommavanh as he celebrates the release of his new book, Super Con-nerd!

It’s all about nerds and drawing comics, so get your geek on and come dressed as your favourite superhero or character! They’ll be plenty of tasty treats and you’ll also hear about how Oliver uses his nerdy life to write his books.

Our favourite character from Con-nerd returns in Super Con-nerd, where he finally makes it into a selective high school. If he thought the competition was intense to get into a selective school, it’s tougher on the inside. Connor feels like everybody else is smarter than him and is trying to play catch up with the other super nerds, like Andrew Thompson who is top of his class. Connor’s mum has loosened up and lets Connor draw his comics like Fireproof Knights, as long as his grades are good. Luckily, there’s no report cards after the first week of school…

RSVP in store, by phone: 02 9262 7996, email or via Eventbrite.


RSVP now → When: Saturday, 8 July 2017
Where: Kids Book Section, Books Kinokuniya, Sydney