My Life As A Hashtag Book Launch

My Life As A Hashtag Book Launch

You are invited to celebrate the publication of My Life As A Hashtag by Gabrielle Williams.
Gabrielle will be in conversation with Kirsty Eagar, bestselling author of Summer Skin.

My Life As A Hashtag is about rage, regret and the pitfalls of life in the digital age. MC’s parents have split up, her mum is trawling Tinder and her father is now dating a much younger woman. MC’s best friend has decided not to invite her to the biggest party of the year, and then MC has to watch it unfold on her social media. She gets mad, and her life disintegrates in the most public way possible. She becomes a global phenomenon.

6.00pm arrivals for a 6.30pm start.

RSVP in store, by phone: 02 9262 7996, email, or via Eventbrite.


Gabrielle Williams lives in Melbourne and has three kids, one husband and a dog. In the name of research, she has spent time underground with a clandestine group called the Cave Clan, conducted a series of in-depth interviews with a group of notorious art thieves, and spent some time animating strawberries and trawling Tinder. She is the author of the critically acclaimed YA novels Beatle Meets Destiny, The Reluctant Hallelujah and The Guy, the Girl, the Artist and His Ex, all of which have been shortlisted for a number of prestigious awards.


RSVP now → When: Wednesday, 24 May 2017
Where: Books Kinokuniya, Sydney