Sustainable Basket Weaving with Ainsley Warner

Sustainable Basket Weaving with Ainsley Warner

Craft Month at Kino presents SUSTAINABLE BASKET WEAVING with Ainsley Warner!

The weaving of baskets is as old as the history of humans. Basket making is a skill and tradition found in many cultures around the world, passed down through generations. Creating with your hands is not only about the product, but also the people you meet, the stories you share and the skills you learn along the way. There’s something magical about a weaving circle that leaves you feeling calm, nourished and excited.

This sustainable coil weaving workshop for beginners with Marrickville-based fibre artist and maker behind Wild Fibres, Ainsley Warner, will provide you with new skills to weave your own unique piece. You’ll learn how to make your own plastic yarn, start a basket, change yarn, create the walls of a basket and finish it off. You’ll also go home with a Wild Fibres pack to help you maintain your new weaving addiction!

All materials will be provided at the workshop, just bring a couple of plastic bags with you and wear comfortable clothes to relax into the weaving!

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RSVP now → When: Saturday, 18 June 2016
Where: Art & Design Department, Books Kinokuniya Sydney