Welcome to our new website

We are so excited to finally launch this shiny new kinokuniya.com.au!

Change must come to all things, and we were definitely ready for one. So just in time for spring, we’re sprucing up and kicking off this brand new website!

Have a look around… explore our new release titles, check out what’s on our events calendar, read up on what’s happening in Kino Life, feel free to leave comments, be involved.

As this is all still very new, we ask for your patience with us as we iron out any kinks that might appear. And if you have any feedback for us on the site, or if something isn’t working the way it should, please send us an email.

We hope you enjoy our new online home!



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  1. Angela Kwong says:

    i cannot find the search button, can u please help me? thanks

  2. Frederick says:

    How can I access to the chinese or japanese manga

  3. Renee says:

    I’m living in Melbourne and was hoping to purchase a book I saw in your store when I last visited Sydney. There’s no search or purchase option to make this possible 🙁

  4. Ross says:

    No search capacity, pointless visiting site, off to Book Depository, less fuss than travelling 80 km to check shelves at Kinokuniya

  5. Kinokuniya Australia says:

    Hello everyone!

    We feature a select number of our favourite new release titles here every month for you to browse (see ‘Explore new releases’ on the homepage). However, if you would like to browse or search our full catalogue and to make an online purchase, please visit our webstore: https://australia.kinokuniya.com/

    For more Frequently Asked Questions, please see the FAQ page: https://kinokuniyasyd.wpengine.com/faq/
    If you have any questions that aren’t covered on this page, please email us at: promotions-aus@kinokuniya.com


  6. Goretti says:

    I’m interested to exhibit my artwork at your gallery if it’s possible. Could you please send me some information about this? Thanks.

  7. Tim says:

    I live in Tasmania and have ordered online before (multiple times) but it seems, of late, that I am unable to access the ‘shop online’ option of the site. I am redirected to ‘403 Forbidden’ page. Is this option no longer available or is it just currently down due site upgrades. I love this store and would visit frequently when I still lived in Sydney (now Tasmania). (Also I had some items in my cart, will they still be there if and when the online option is available?) – Sincerely

  8. Robyn T Conlan says:

    looking for books

  9. Judy Massingham says:

    I wish to access search facility to find if specific items are available before coming to store

  10. Timothy Hill says:

    Cannot access the Shop online website – All I get is an error message saying 403 Forbidden. My membership is getting close to expiring and I have no way of renewing or purchasing titles as I can’t access the shop

  11. django dorje says:

    is there a kino in melbourne ?