Check out our collection of very fantastic book lists, carefully curated by our team of well-read buyers and booksellers!


The Books They Tried to Ban


All the Feels

Graphic Novels and Manga that made us cry.


Books to Feed Your Brain

Books about the brain, how it functions and its ability to adapt have been making the bestseller charts for quite some time.

We have collected some of the most popular, most intriguing and most thought provoking books, from areas including science, philosophy, psychology and history. There are books about memory and how to improve it, about ideas that changed the past and will create the future.


Her Story

A selection of our favourite non-fiction from women.


Feminist Futures

We celebrate the work of some of our favourite feminist visionaries, and exploring imagined and aspired to futures of equality and liberation. From speculative fiction and art to sociology and personal histories, these visionary writers invite us to step into new worlds.

Challenge yourself with a diverse spread of perspectives and learnings to help us write a future for everyone.



Book ❤️ – #KinoLoves

Book ❤️ # KinoLoves is a selection of our favourite titles that we take any opportunity to recommend to you!



From Page to Screen: A selection of our favourite film and TV tie-ins



Innovate. Create. Activate

If you’ve been sitting on an idea for a while or wondering what to do next here are our some of our favourite books to guide you in the right direction.


Nevertheless web banner

nevertheless, she persisted

Powerful voices that inspire and educate. Here are some of the voices we all need to hear!



Tsundoku: The Joyful Art of Book Piles

The Japanese term tsundoku combines the elements of tsunde-oku (積んでおく), to pile up, and dokusho (読書), reading books. The term describes the tendency to acquire books and allowing them to pile up, without actually getting around to reading them. 

What’s in your book piles? Here are some of ours!



Kino Comic Faves

Mighty superheroes, demon slayers, magical adventures, space alien princesses, a splash of D&D, heartwarming romances, LGBTQIA+ stories, unforgettable young adult characters and tales for the whole family. Here are some of our absolute favourite graphic novels and manga for you to explore!



Motivate. Cultivate. Create.

Whether you’re after a bit of extra motivation in your life, looking to cultivate some ideas, or getting creative, we’ve got a book to help you out!

at the intersection book list mrec

At the Intersection: A selection of diverse women’s voices

From women of colour, First Nations authors and Chinese feminists, to queer and trans women, refugee women and differently-abled women, we celebrate a most amazing spectrum of voices, and take inspiration from their stories.


CGAA book list mrec

Crazy Good Asian Authors

From Kwan to Kusama, Tagore to Tamaki, Kang, and beyond… here are some crazy good Asian authors we think you should check out! We’ve gathered a selection of our favourite Asian authors as a jumping off point for some new experiences inspired by some of our closest neighbours.


kino_summer_reads_book list mrec

Kino Summer Reads

Don’t be lonely by a poolside or beachside somewhere this summer. Make sure you’ve got a good book in your hands… We’ve picked out a bunch of the best books from 2018 to keep you company this summer – here’s a few to check out!