Book Launch: Do As I Say

Book Launch: Do As I Say

Join Sarah Steel as she launches her new book, Do As I Say.

The creator of the popular ‘Let’s Talk About Sects’ podcast, Sarah has researched the cults you’ve heard of – and dozens you haven’t. What strikes her most are not the differences between bizarre cult behaviour and ‘normal’ behaviour but the depressing similarities. Her work reveals that we are all susceptible to the power of cult dynamics.

At the heart of being human is the desire to belong. It can make us unspeakably vulnerable to the manipulations of others. Cult leaders prey on this desire, but so do many unscrupulous operators hiding in plain sight. In Do As I Say, Sarah tells the human tale behind the sensationalism. Sharing deeply personal stories, gathered over years of interviews with survivors, and some shocking tales about the world’s most famous cults, she sheds light on the high cost of unchecked coercive behaviours to individuals and communities at large.

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Sarah researches, writes, records and edits ‘Let’s Talk About Sects’. Her writing has been published in The Guardian, Indiewire and ABC Online, and she has appeared on SBS’s The Feed and Channel 9’s Today Show. Her work has been commissioned for ABC Radio National’s Earshot program, and she has also featured on ABC Radio’s Overnights program. Sarah recently presented the sold out panel discussion ‘Sects, Lies and Cults’ with three former cult members for Vivid Ideas.

RSVP now → When: Wednesday, 29 June 2022
Where: Books Kinokuniya Sydney