Book Launch: Six Figures While You Sleep

Book Launch: Six Figures While You Sleep

Join Kate Toon to celebrate the launch of her new book, Six Figures While You Sleep.

Kate explains how you can transform your service-based skills into lucrative online products – from coaching and courses to digital downloads, memberships and masterminds. Will it be an entirely passive income? No. Will it be highly profitable? Absolutely.

No matter what your industry or skill set, this book is a blueprint for successfully scaling your business by reducing your workload with digital products. It walks you through the positioning, processes, pricing and profile building, explaining the tech, the marketing, the sales tactics and how to keep customers coming back for more.

Six Figures While You Sleep is a complete and honest guide to creating a lucrative, high-profit digital business by doing what you know and love. Written in her trademark, funny, no-nonsense style, Kate Toon keeps readers entertained and inspired from the first page to the last.

6pm arrivals for 6:30pm start


Kate Toon left the high-pressure world of big-name advertising agencies and started her copywriting business when she was five months pregnant. She had no plan, no savings and only the tiniest trickle of confidence.

She dreamed of building a business on her own terms and replacing her ‘real job’ income while never letting her son feel like he was her last priority. Since then, Kate has built a seven-figure global business as a trusted digital marketing coach and business mentor who has helped more than 20,000 businesses.

She regularly speaks at events around the world, runs two successful conferences and has built a team of humans to help her. And she’s achieved all of this working less than 20 hours a week from her back garden shed while wearing pajamas and watching Netflix with her son.

Kate was named Australia’s Most Influential Woman in Small Business in 2023, and Businesswoman of the Year in 2021. She’s a trusted expert on the TV show Kochie’s Business Builders and has been a guest on more than 200 podcasts. Kate has an extensive network of business parents who are already loyal followers of the Tooniverse.

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Where: Books Kinokuniya Sydney