The Flying Optometrist picture book launch

The Flying Optometrist picture book launch

Join us for the launch of The Flying Optometrist with author Joanne Anderton and the Flying Optometrist himself, her father Philip Anderton.

The Flying Optometrist is a picture book story about an adventure across the country. But it is also about the Australian landscape, the country-city divide in modern Australian society, and optometry. In his journey from the coast to central Australia, the optometrist travels from a busy city to a tiny town. As he flies, the landscape below him changes, from coast to mountains, over fields, and finally into the Australian desert.

The book is inspired by Joanne’s father, Philip Anderton, who really does fly in his little red aeroplane (which he built himself) to remote communities to provide eye-health care to people who otherwise wouldn’t get it.

6pm arrivals for a 6.30pm start.

RSVP in store, by phone: 02 9262 7996, email or via Eventbrite.

Joanne Anderton_photoJoanne Anderton’s novels and short story collection have received international review coverage in The New York Journal of Books, The Guardian, Library Journal and Publishers Weekly. She has a passion for beautiful children’s books. She can often be found in the children’s section at her local bookshop, buying up big because she’s the book-giving aunty – and proud of it! While browsing, she always hoped that one day she could create such gorgeous stories. The Flying Optometrist is close to her heart and she’s excited to be sharing this story with the next generation. She lives in Sydney with far too many pets, and far too many books.

RSVP now → When: Thursday, 26 April 2018
Where: Books Kinokuniya, Sydney