An Interview with Éditions

An Interview with Éditions

Éditions curates contemporary publishing and forms collaborations with artists to release collections of limited works. Éditions allows the release of re-interpretative and unexpected forms of contemporary art and publishing.

Here’s a brief Q&A we had with Éditions’ Joe Tarzia about who they are, what they do, and their latest book, Courts 02 by Ward Roberts.

Tell us a little bit about how Éditions got started?

Éditions was initially a way to draw some deeper collaborations with our creative clients at Zé Studio who are mainly working as artists, photographers and fashion designers.


Is there a particular publishing ethos behind Éditions?

We like to keep things as open as possible. We want to bring interesting curation ideas to publishing and release these as limited and original works.

Éditions 03 – Courts 02 by Ward Roberts (4)


How did the collaboration with Ward Roberts come about?

We’ve been working with Ward on a client basis for a few years now. I grew very fond of Ward’s process as an artist and our collaboration drew closer when we began commissioning Ward’s photography for some of our projects. Ward an I also worked together on Éditions’ first release – a series of limited edition prints. We’ve admired Ward’s Courts series for a long time now so it wasn’t really a question when the opportunity presented itself for a new Courts book earlier this year.

Éditions 01 – Ward Roberts and Joe Tarzia


What do you see as the triumphs & challenges in designing Courts 02?

The previous success of the Courts series experienced mainly through the digital slipstream of social media was a consideration when designing the book. As we know, things are quick, bright and fast on the internet. You blink and you may miss it. The book was an opportunity to present the images in a more considered way. Slow down the pace, spend time with the images and go back to discover something new. Material selection was important to create a painterly feel to the images through the use of an uncoated paper stock.

Éditions 03 – Courts 02 by Ward Roberts (2)


What are some upcoming releases you are working on?

At the moment, we are releasing a collection bi-annually but also don’t see the need to rush things. We are currently in conversation with some artists in Paris and Japan and some homegrown talent in Australia. We’re also trying to form collaborations with two or more artists to work together on the same collection of works.


What is your advice to other art presses just starting out?

The time is now – photo books, art, objects – it’s about curating what you want to say and knowing your audience.


Courts 02 exhibition opens in the Wedge Gallery 01 – 30 September.

Join us for the opening night Thursday 01 September, from 6.30pm.

Courts 02 is an edition of 800 copies, special limited edition of 100 also available. Signed copies available launch night only


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