Australian Books – Worth Fighting For? Event wrap up

Australian Books – Worth Fighting For? Event wrap up

For National Bookshop Day this year on August 13th, we hosted a very important panel discussion about the crucial threat that our Australian books industry is currently facing. On the panel were authors Nikki Gemmell, Garth Nix, Michael Robotham and editor and publisher Phillipa McGuinness. Chairing the panel was CEO of Harper Collins Australia, James Kellow. The topic of the day: the Federal Government’s plan to overturn Australia’s parallel importation restrictions and allow the free and unrestricted importation of overseas books into the country.


It was a packed house at the event, on a Saturday afternoon, and it was great to see so much interest and support from the public. Everyone was listening intently to what the panellists had to say about the subject at hand.


James Kellow kicked off and led the discussion, introducing each of the panellists and throwing excellent questions their way.


Phillipa McGuinness, Executive Publisher at NewSouth Publishing and editor of the book Copyfight explains copyright and why it’s important.


Garth Nix brought in local and overseas editions of his book Clariel for show and tell to illustrate the difference, and to help explain what will happen when parallel importation restrictions are lifted in Australia.


After an informative and impassioned discussion, it was unanimous. Everyone agreed: Australian books ARE worth fighting for, and need to be fought for.

To be in the fight to save Australian stories, sign the petition to stop the parallel importation of books.

To find out more visit Books Create and join the conversation at #bookscreate and #saveOzstories


With much thanks to our wonderful panellists:


Missed the discussion? Here’s the video!

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