Gift Guide 2018

Discover the Subtle Art of Giving a Book this Christmas at Books Kinokuniya…



Illustrations by Charles Santoso

Designed by Happyend Designs

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    Like to know what kind of German books you have in the stock.

    1. Kinokuniya Australia says:

      Hi Sargon,
      We have a small selection of books in German available. Visit us in store and head to the Language section of our store – books in German can be found in the German section!
      Happy reading,

  2. gordon yeong says:

    i have been a big fan of your shops in tokyo, taiwan, malaysia , singapore and sydney.
    Been going for years and i have always wondered – are you coming to Melbourne?

    1. Kinokuniya Australia says:

      Hi Gordon!
      Thanks so much for being a loyal customer and visiting our stores all around the world!
      While we’ve always got our eyes peeled for new opportunities and we would love to expand to Melbourne, there are no concrete plans at the moment…
      BUT! We’ll definitely let everyone know as soon as there are 🙂

  3. Tjuiha Tjiu says:

    AIR AND SPACE ORIGAMI KIT BY JOHN SZINGER. I would like to gift this book to my son turning 4 son. He is very obsessed with space stuff. He draws solar systems everyday in different ways. He made planets using recycle paper and hang them orbiting the sun. Can wait to see his happy face when receiving this pressie

  4. Dr Eileen Tham Wai Fong says: