Guest shelf curation | The Heavy Collective

Guest shelf curation | The Heavy Collective

Our inaugural guest shelf curation for our annual Art Month has been a popular addition thanks to the brilliant folk from The Heavy Collective. Our thanks to THC, & our compliments to the many amazing books & publishers included on this very handsome shelf.

 “The Heavy Collective believes firmly in printed matter & the vitally important role it plays in being a vehicle for transmission. We look at publishing from a place of necessity, integral to photographic literacy. We’ve selected a list of essential photobooks from Kinokuniya’s shelves that show the power of a book as a vessel for photographic work, classics that never bent against time, & new publishing houses pushing design & invention.”


The Heavy Collective’s selection of essential photobooks:

A Criminal Investigation by Watabe Yukichi / Adventures in the Nearby Far Away by Ed Templeton / A Handful of Dust by David Campany / An American Index of the Hidden & Unfamiliar by Taryn Simon / Another Language by Martin Lange / Astres Noirs by Katrin Koenning & Sarker Protick / Belanglo by Warwick Baker / Bikeriders by Danny Lyon / Blokovi by Lola Paprocka / Carrara by Aglaia Konrad / Coastline by Zhang Xiao / Colors by Yoshinori Mizutani / Deutschland by Gerry Johansson / Diane Arbus: An Aperture Monograph by Diane Arbus / Fibro Dreams by Glenn Sloggett / Field Trip by Martin Kollar / Fire in Cairo by Matthew Connors / Frowst by Joanna Piotrowska / Genesis by Sebastião Salgado / Gold Coast by Ying Ang / Golden Showers by Dafy Hagai / Holy Bible by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin / Illuminance by Rinko Kawauchi / Imperial Courts 1993-2015 by Dana Lixenberg / James Nachtwey by Mono.Kultur / Koudelka: Nationality Doubtful by Josef Koudelka / Lago by Ron Jude / Light on the Wall by Emma Phillips / Mile End by Pani Paul / Moonshine by Bertien van Manen / Muhammad Ali by Editions Patrick Frey / Nobuyoshi Araki: Photography for the Afterlife by Araki / Passengers by Dagmar Keller & Martin Wittwer / Saul Leiter by Saul Leiter / Script of Demolition by Alina Schmuch / Shōji Ueda by Shōji Ueda / Sing Woah Dough…Lido by Camilo Bustamante / Solon by Ari Marcopoulos / Songbook by Alec Soth / Surface Phenomena by Bartolomeo Celestino / Swimming Pool by Deanna Templeton / Tectonic by Johan Rosenmunthe / The Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin / The Christmas Tree Bucket by Trent Parke / The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier Bresson / The Way to the Golden Mountain by Xiaoxiao Xu / The Whiteness of the Whale by Paul Graham / This Year’s Model by Go Itami / Tiny Streetwise Revisited by Mary Ellen Mark / Tokyo Parrots by Yoshinori Mizutani / Tulsa by Larry Clark / Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore / Utatane by Rinko Kawauchi

Find more THC at

Heavy Volume One available now. Heavy Volume II due for release November 2016.


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