Half the Voices

The Chinese proverb, ‘Women Hold Up Half the Sky’ has been used recently to promote the idea (read: fact) that women are equal to men and should be regarded as such and provided with the same opportunities in society.

Both the Stella Count and the VIDA: Women in Literary Arts report show that female writers and reviewers are continually underrepresented in the literary world compared to their male counterparts. For the most part, things have been improving across the last few years, but there’s still a long way to go.

This month with Half the Voices, we hope to draw your attention to some potentially overlooked Australian women authors – authors we love. We hate to think that you might have missed them because they didn’t get the coverage they deserved. Half the Voices also coincides with the All About Women festival at the Opera House on March 6th, and with the 2016 Stella Prize Shortlist announcement on Thursday 10 March. Read the long – or short – list before the Stella Prize is awarded on Tuesday 19 April!

Think about the last 10 books you’ve read… Who were the authors? Male or female? International or Australian?

This month at Kino we’re having a call to arms! Or, actually, a call to read – Australian women writers!



March 3 // Half the Sky book launch

March 9 // Emperor of the Eight Islands book launch

March 17 // The Stella Prize and Australian Women Writers: A Panel Discussion


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