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Books Kinokuniya, or ‘Kino’ as we affectionately call it, is a kind of a special place.

On the surface, the attraction for bibliophiles and culture-lovers is obvious – the sheer size of the bookstore, the rows and rows of bookshelves containing over 300,000 titles, the way you wish you could spend hours exploring and getting lost amongst them.

Here’s what some who have visited us have to say*:


I was there two days ago, spent hours there, want to go back again tomorrow, have never seen anything like it. – Anna

A never ending treasure chest. – Chantelle

Best bookshop in the country. Must go for everyone even just to see the place. – Damo


Kino is not just a special place for those who come to visit, though. For we who work here, it’s somewhere we can indulge our passion for books, where we can meet new people daily who share that passion and understand. It’s a place we don’t just call work – it’s a place we can call our home away from home.

Here’s how we feel about Kino, and what Kino Life means to us:


It’s a home away from home where I get to talk to people about what I love every day!

– Sonja, English Books Department Manager

Growing up I loved comics and now I’m immersed in them. Helping people find their new favourite stories and sharing in their enthusiasm is ridiculously rewarding.

– Danilo, Comics Department

Books are my one true love, and at Kino, I get to spend my days thinking about, talking about, and surrounded by books. A dream! Added bonus: spending all day with passionate readers, both our wonderful book-hungry customers and the epic pack of weirdos I call my colleagues. What’s not to love?

– Marianne, English Books Department

Bookstores are one of my favourite places and I have always been interested in cross-cultural issues. So a multi-cultural bookshop could be the best place for me. Maybe the reason why I’m at Kinokuniya so far is because it’s the bookstore which contains multiple cultures under one same brand.

– Miyagi san, Managing Director

Comics Rule Everything Around Me.

– Chris, Comics Department

Kino has one of the biggest range of art books, especially in independent publishing titles! I never got to go to art school so my education started here.

– Jane, Art & Design Department

It’s like a book club but, better. With similar and different tastes intermingling, everyone’s book-knowledge is enriched simply through everyday conversation with passionate readers.

– Steph, English Books Department

Kino is family.

– James, Store Operations


For me?

Kino is a place where anything is possible: one day we could be setting up the Iron Throne, another day it will be Thor’s hammer; we’ll be dressed as superheroes and zombies and pirates; we’ll be folding origami creations or sharing our dreams on our walls… and when we walk these floors there is unending inspiration within the pages of the books on our shelves.

Let us share our Kino with you.



Valerie Wong

Marketing Manager



*Customer comments taken from public reviews of Kinokuniya Bookstore Sydney:

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