Moichi Wishing Wall

Moichi Wishing Wall

As we celebrate our 15th Anniversary this month, we’re also looking forward to and making wishes for our next 15 years… we set up this Moichi Wishing Wall in our gallery space and invited you to share your wishes with us, too!


Thank you so much to everyone who visited and hung a wish on these walls. We have absolutely loved reading them all!

Ema (絵馬 picture-horse) are wooden wishing plaques that can be found at various shrines in Japan. Originating from Shinto culture, ema traditionally carried an image of a horse, an animal revered as the ‘vehicle of gods’.

Visitors write their innermost wishes & desires on the plaques & collectively hang them within the shrine in the hope that their dreams will come true.



The gallery is now full of wishes and all our ema cards have been spent. We now invite you to take a walk through the gallery and have a read of all the wonderful wishes on the Moichi Wishing Wall… on display until July 31st.


We hope your wishes come true.


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