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Look beyond your reality and into panels where all things sci-fi, fantasy and isekai dreams (or nightmares) come true!

Something is Killing the Children, Vol. 1
When several children of their small town suddenly turn up murdered, the people of Archers Peak must rely on outsider Erica Slaughter to save them all. For newcomers and life-long fans alike this can’t-put-down thriller is a must.






The Well
One rash decision leads Li-Zhen on a journey though her community and family history, confronting ghosts ghouls and giant sea monsters. Australian illustrator Choo’s subtle stylised colour palette works perfectly in synergy with Wyatts brilliant story telling in this fantastic young adult fantasy.





The Paradox of Getting Better
Paradox tells a tale of heavy trauma and healing shifts, capturing the uphill struggle of recovery from mental illness of a young adult named XXXX. “While healing may be paradoxical, all you can do is keep trying.”





Die, Vol. 1
If every bad roll of the die had real and deadly consequences, how long would you last? When six young players are sucked into their RPG only five came out. 30 years later, they return, and are forced, once more, to place their lives in the hands of the Die.





Black Science
A vainglorious scientist’s experiment plunges his family and himself into an endless abyss of infinite dimensions. Now the impossible odyssey to return home threatens to tear their family asunder. A delirious melange of cosmic sci-fi and garish pulp adventure.





Step by Bloody Step
An armoured giant works to protect a lost young girl in a world that has no place for her. With stunning art, this worldless fantasy stretches the possibilities of the graphic novel genre and will leave you wanting more.






Sad Girl Space Lizard
When crisis strikes, Lieutenant Left has to wonder if she spent her whole life wanting something that kind of sucks. And she might kiss a girl about it. Sad Girl Space Lizard is a queer mech action romance (for lizards), vibrating with desperation and off kilter malaise.





Void Rivals, Vol. 1
When two enemies of an intergalactic war are stranded they must work together to survive. The first instalment to Images new Energon universe, this fresh new take to the classic Transformers series is a perfect for loyalists and sci-fi fans alike.





Delicious in Dungeon, Vol. 1
Truly one of the best manga of the last decade. Delicious in Dungeon is a perfect blend of classic fantasy elements we know and love, whilst introducing a rich and luscious world that isn’t quite what it seems. Feast your eyes and take a dive into the dungeon depths!





Wize Wize Beasts of The Wizarding Wizdoms
Lighthearted BL love stories between anthropomorphic beasts studying magic at a wizarding school. Love transcends shape and form in this delightful anthology from the creator of The Girl From The Other Side.





Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction, Vol. 1
Just another regular morning; eggs on toast, students biking their way to school, and an alien mothership looming over Japan for the third year straight. Follow friends Kadode and Ouran as they live their high school prime through a one-sided war between humanity and the unknown.





Claymore Vol. 1
Yoma hide amongst humans feeding in disguise, as humanity’s only hope lies within the Claymores. These half human, half monster warrior women must fight against their savage urges or risk losing grip on their humanity completely. If you loved Berserk, Claymore is a must read.





Gokurakugai Vol. 1
Do you need help finding a missing friend? Are monsters terrorising your neighbourhood? Tao and Alma from the Gokurakugai Troubleshooter Agency are at your service! Both fun and slightly dark times await you!






Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, Vol. 1
Kim Dokja’s been the sole reader of a particular webnovel for over half his life… what happens when it finally ends? He’s about to find out. An isekai for those who hate isekais, we’re addicted!





Witch of Thistle Castle, Vol. 1
Marie- the last remaining Black Wood witch in Edinburgh, takes in a young apprentice who holds an incredible power that could destroy the world. A heartwarming story of outcasts, working together to find their place in the world.





Dorohedoro, Vol. 1
Dorohedoro is a unique take on the fantasy manga genre. Its intricate world-building and bold art brings something refreshingly dark to the scene. The women are strong, hot and BUFF. Our male lead is an amnesiac (kinda dumb) giant lizard man. What more could you want…





On a Sunbeam
A magnificent epic part boarding school drama, and part intergalactic rescue mission, Walden’s pivotal coming of age graphic novel is for every kid who sat looking out at the dark and saw lights in the distance, and wanted to be a part of it all.




Moth Keeper
The job of Moth Keeper isn’t quite what Anya imagined. When her loneliness takes it’s toll, will her desire to live under the sun force her to abandon her post? This magical middle grade fantasy is perfect for all ages.





Nyneve is haunted by her father’s death and the Witch Guard’s threatening existence. When conscription rolls around, Nyneve has a choice to make; join the institution complicit in her father’s death, or stand up for her ideals? Queer guerrilla girls!





Salt Magic
When Vonceil’s older brother returns from war, he has no time her anymore, but it’s up to her to lift the curse that comes snapping at his heels. Studio Ghibli meets the wild west in this sweet and salty quest into hidden family secrets.





Witch Hat Atelier, Vol. 1
Coco’s always wanted to be a witch! But when a spell she secretly casts accidentally turns her mother to stone, she’s whisked away by a mysterious male witch named Qifrey, who thinks a sinister coven is behind her wild magic.





Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Vol. 1
When Iruma-kun’s parents sell him off to a Demon, he is thrown into the underworld’s school life! Follow Iruma-kun as he tries to survive as the only human in a campus crawling with chaotic demons through the power of friendship!




Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Vol. 1
A fitness routine, protein and a creampuff-only diet is all you need to defeat the strongest of mages! Enter Mash Burnedead’s world of magic and muscles and mistake your rib-crushing laughter for an intensive abdominal workout. A six-pack is guaranteed after reading a handful of volumes.





Hakumei and Mikochi Vol. 1
In a mystical forest world inhabited by talking animals and people only a few inches tall, follow the daily lives and adventures of the tomboyish Hakumei and serene, ladylike Mikochi. Tiny treehouse life was never more cosy!






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