Pizza Hunt

In association with Head On Photo Festival, Kinokuniya is pleased to welcome PIZZA HUNT to Wedge Gallery!

Pizza Hunt is a photographic record of the 
iconic dine-in Pizza Hut restaurants that were erected in the thousands in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Today, only a handful of these huts remain and they now have second lives as grocery stores, pawnshops, gospel churches, liquor stores and funeral homes – among other things. Those that remain, those that have not been demolished or are not slated for demolition, exist in the space where the unremarkable and the unforgettable meet. Although they have been re-purposed, re-painted or relocated, these buildings are still readily recognisable and call to mind a time of dine-in fast food, all you can eat pizza and self-serve sundaes.

Exhibition ends May 22nd.


PIzza Hunt book



Ho Hai Tran and Chloe Cahill are artists working in the medium of photography. Their work is driven by an interest in lost arts, bygone eras and forgotten histories. Their work has been exhibited in Australia, France and New Zealand and featured in New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Mashable, Vice and It’s Nice That. Their first book, On Pigeons, was published in print and as an app for the iPad in 2011 and their second book, Pizza Hunt, was published in 2016.




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