The Best Graphic Novels You Haven’t Read

The Best Graphic Novels You Haven’t Read

A selection of the best, most underrated graphic novels recommended and reviewed by you – our customers!

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People often ask me, “What’s the secret to Kinokuniya’s comics section? How did it get so big?”

There are many reasons, but by far the most important (and enjoyable) reason is being part of a vibrant, vital comics community. It’s our not-so-secret magic ingredient – we’re curated by all the conversations we’ve ever had with all the customers we’ve ever met. You’re the real experts!

So, we’re proud to share with you your top choices of the best, most underrated graphic novels currently being published. Here is a selection of titles recommended and reviewed by you – our customers. We here at Kino can’t wait to read the ones we’ve missed out on so far! How many have you missed?

Chewie Chan

Comics Consultant

20% OFF* selected marked titles in store and online until 31st May.

All You Need is KillAll You Need Is Kill

Hiroshi Sakurazaka,  Takeshi Obata

Price: $22.99 |  Our price: $18.39

I believe this manga must be read due to its captivating and fascinating storyline, forcing the audience to remain alert and concentrated. Juxtaposed with a realistic and detailed art style, this is a brilliant manga guaranteed to be adored by all.

Reviewed by Dylan


Mark Millar, Sean Murphy

Price: $14.90 |  Our price: $11.92

It combines two things I like: Mark Millar (who made some of my favourite novels like Kick-Ass and Kingsmen: The Secret Service) and time travel. It makes me wonder why this hasn’t been made into a movie yet.

Reviewed by Thanura

Fight Club 2Fight Club 2

Chuck Palahniuk, Cameron Stewart

Price: $43.70 |  Our price: $34.96

Tyler Durden is back!! Does a Trump-ed up America still need him? Does the world? Does it matter!? Tyler is back! In his violent, narcissistic, most meta way possible. First rule? Don’t miss out on this hit of a sequel!

Reviewed by Marvin

FlintstonesThe Flintstones Vol. 1

Mark Russell, Steve Pugh

Price: $24.10  |  Our price: $19.28

Imagine a comic that highlights issues like same sex marriage, PTSD, slavery and family, in a way that will make you laugh but also cry. Now imagine that comic is The Flintstones. A satirical look at everyday life that will take you by surprise.

Reviewed by Richard

Forbidden BridesForbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire

Neil Gaiman, Shane Oakley

Price: $27.83 |  Our price: $22.26

This is Gaiman at his best, straight from the cheeky title to poking fun at so many tropes. Atmospheric art that is full of easter eggs – don’t just read the word balloons. Such a brilliant read – a burst of moody fun!

Reviewed by Christine

Fruits BasketsFruits Basket Collected Vol 1

Natsuki Takaya

Price: $33.05 |  Our price: $26.44

I remember this was THE hottest manga when it first came out! I was Tohru and felt (and laughed and cried with) everything she went through, and boy she went through a LOT! Has new extras that would delight any Fruits Basket fan.

Reviewed by Sharon

Giants, Trolls, Witches, Beasts. SMALLGiants Troll Witches Beasts

Craig Phillips

Price: $24.99 |  Our price: $19.99

Timeless tales and fantastical creatures. Enchanting, charming, colourful and heartfelt storytelling at its best show off familiar folklore in a brilliant new light. I cannot wait to pass this on to this generation and the next.

Reviewed by Chewie Chan

HappinessHappiness Vol 1

 Shuzo Oshimi

Price: $18.70 |  Our price: $14.96

This manga for fans of Tokyo Ghoul and Goodnight Punpun dives quickly into the anxieties of being a newly-turned vampire surrounded by hormonal teenagers, and the pains & woes of one’s choices to do right when everything is going wrong.

Reviewed by Aby

Head-LopperHead Lopper

Andrew MacLean

Price: $29.90 |  Our price: $23.92

Are you a fan of Adventure Time, Zelda and Conan? Then you’ll love these adventures of Head Lopper. This bat sh*t crazy adventure will surprise you with how much heart there is. Check it out!

Reviewed by Richard

Johnny The Homicidal ManiacJohnny The Homicidal Maniac

Jhonen Vasquez

Price: $32.20 |  Our price: $25.75

An ultraviolent fever dream that defies you to try and predict the plot or dissect the themes. Johnny is a grungy, twisted take on the tortured artist archetype that will delight and horrify comic fans. Oh, and it’s really funny.

Reviewed by Stella

Kill Six Billion Demons Vol 1Kill Six Billion Demons Vol 1

Tom Parkinson-Morgan

Price: $29.89 |  Our price: $23.91

I loved it because of the characters, lore and world building. Everything is visually incredible – you can see Western and Eastern influences in the art style. The characters have dimension and there’s been humour and love in making them.

Reviewed by Jenny

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol 1Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol 1

 Kyle Higgins, Hendry Prasetya

Price: $28.60 |  Our price: $22.88

I love this because of its fresh take on the series, and the way they mixed the story across a different dimension showing what happened if Tommy didn’t become a good guy.

Reviewed by Ashley

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon MaidMiss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Vol 1


Price: $21.23 |  Our price: $16.98

LGBT friendly and very domestic and precious. As a person who is in LGBT community, having a manga that represents us without any sexualisation and showing domestic situations warms my heart.

Reviewed by Nina

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 1Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Vol 1

Brandon Montclare, Natacha Bustos

Price: $26.40 |  Our price: $21.12

It’s utterly enchanting. It’s audacious. It’s everything you would expect when a friendship between an adorable 9 year old genius and a time-lost mutant T-Rex takes on a Marvel Universe full of quirky, stupid adults!

Reviewed by Karen

My Friend DahmerMy Friend Dahmer

Derf Backderf

Price: $23.95 |  Our price: $19.16

Jeffrey Dahmer’s classmate Backderf sheds light on some lesser-known, troubling aspects of the infamous serial killer’s early life. It makes for difficult and disturbing reading, but essential for true crime buffs – or those looking for something outside of superhero fare.

Reviewed by Tom

Nao Of BrownNao Of Brown

Glyn Dillon

Price: $31.95 |  Our price: $25.56

I’ve never related so much to a graphic novel, ever. The Nao of Brown really captures the struggle of being an artist and the anxiety of everyday life and love with a striking and cinematic colour palette.

Reviewed by Sarah

Nightwing Vol 1 (Rebirth)Nightwing Vol 1 (Rebirth)

Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez

Price: $24.10 |  Our price: $19.28

Aside from the fact that he’s got some nice pecs, he’s a total acrobatic badass and if you love typical spy/superhero action adventure, these are the goods for you!

Reviewed by Patrick

Paying for ItPaying For It

Chester Brown

Price: $29.90 |  Our price: $23.92

With wit, charm and sincerity, it brings the uncomfortable subject of prostitution into a safe zone. Brown’s illustrations aren’t overly sexualised and don’t distract the reader from his message. It explains that monogamy isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

Reviewed by Alexandra


Tim Seeley, Mike Norton

Price: $19.50 |  Our price: $15.60

A crime mystery comic with supernatural forces at work! Death takes a holiday and two sisters and a journalist are caught in the thick of it. People that can’t die come back a little off… And you can’t tell until it’s too late!

Reviewed by Jenny

Sailor MoonSailor Moon Vol 1

Naoko Takeuchi

Price: $15.40 |  Our price: $12.32

I literally live for Usagi tripping over as well as the fight scenes filled with snarky comments from Rei. No one could not love clumsy teenage girls as magic girls who don’t know how to take anything seriously. I definitely can’t.

Reviewed by Ruby

Spill ZoneSpill Zone

Scott Westerfeld, Alex Puvilland

Price: $33.30 |  Our price: $26.62

Introducing YA fiction’s spunkiest new heroine! Spooky manifestations, stranger things and possessed (but protective) dolls aren’t enough to scare Addison – when it comes to looking out for her little sister. A thrill ride – all the way!

 Reviewed by Valerie

SunnySunny Vol 1

Taiyo Matsumoto

Much quieter story than Tekkonkinkreet, but I loved the relationship between the family of the ‘home’. This is a story of hope and the wishing and the longing of abandoned kids wondering if they will ever beat the odds.

 Reviewed by Yee Ling

The DreamingThe Dreaming

Queenie Chan

I love The Dreaming because it is a mixture of Aboriginal mythology and European suspense thriller with a sprinkling of Chinese ghost stories. The art style is superb, I have always enjoyed the attention to detail that Queenie conveys.

 Reviewed by Antony



The Flash Vol 1 Lightning Strikes TwiceThe Flash Vol. 1 (Rebirth)

Joshua Williamson, Carmine Di Giandomenico

The story dives into the characters to help us discover their motivations. Newcomers can easily start here – previous stories have been written in same continuity if readers wish to move backwards or forwards. A helpful introduction to a new world of heroes.

 Reviewed by Kevin

UnfollowUnfollow Vol. 1

Rob Williams,  Michael Dowling

Rich/poor. Famous/obscure. 1 million followers/1 follower. Does this social media murder-thriller prove that, when it comes right down to it, we are all the same? Are we? Aren’t we? When. It. Really. Matters. A killer read!

 Reviewed by Arpita

Vinland SagaVinland Saga Vol. 1

Makoto Yukimura

It’s well researched, got beautifully written characters, genuine dialogue, unflinching violence. It’s actually the most underrated manga of all time! As epic as Lord Of The Rings, if you like watching Vikings, you’ll love reading this!!

 Reviewed by Gunther

VisionThe Vision: Little Worse Than A Man

Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta

What’s more dangerous than robots ruling the world? A robot that wants to start a family. When Vision does whatever it takes to protect the family he created, you’ll laugh at their attempts to assimilate but, more frighteningly, be sympathetic.

Reviewed by Tyler

What A Wonderful WorldWhat A Wonderful World Vol. 1

Inio Asano

The first and only manga I’ve read in short story form. Refreshing flow with Asano’s revered dark writing, and some unexpected uplifting storylines. Paired with his perfect art style, it’s an engaging and rewarding group of stories spanning only two volumes.

Reviewed by Alexandra

Wonder WomanWonder Woman: The True Amazon

 Jill Thompson

Another origin, you ask? But this reveals what it’s like to be an only child of an entire race of Amazons and the tragic true reason she’s obligated herself to be Wonder Woman. So much amazing watercolours, so many feels!

Reviewed by Amy

YotsubaYotsuba Vol. 1

Kiyohiko Azuma

It’s a light-hearted manga about a random little girl. I like to read about what she does and her reactions to normal life tasks. I like how adults around her change. Her positive attitude towards her life makes it worth reading.

Reviewed by Yen Mai

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